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Photo of Liv Lane seated in the grass at a Maryland Farm.

About Me

Let's Get Aquainted

Hi! I'm Liv. I've been called a lot of things, some of them not so good, but some of the labels I've held onto include: hiker; avid reader; creator; environmentalist; traveler; adventurer; gardener; yogini; entrepreneur; creator; plant-based; natural-health advocate. I care deeply about living naturally and with minimal impact on the planet. My autoimmune disease has become my greatest teacher and inspired my love of caring for myself with natural options. Oh, and i really love my dog. It's my hope that this blog will inspire you to live true to your body, mind, and heart as well as to the planet.

As a visitor here, you are part of a fantastic community full of people who recognize that the small things are actually the big things. So go ahead, and march to your own drum beat. Whatever you do, never stop believing in magic.

Thank you so much for being part of this community. There are plenty of ways that you can become more involved. For real time updates check me out in Instagram or subscribe to my newsletter. I'm always looking for new ideas, travel destinations, and increasing my learning--and what better way to do that than in community with you.

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